Free course for self paced study. Earn a certificate. Designed to cover key constituent parts of medical ethics; it is suitable for any healthcare professional wanting to acquire a basic grounding in the subject. 12 Topics under the headings: Rights and responsibilities; Ethico-legal frameworks; Beginning and end of life; Governance; Healthcare.

Free course for self-paced study. Basic concepts of Patient Safety - with links to WHO handouts. For any healthcare professional anywhere in the world - aims to equip them with the basic concepts of Patient Safety. 11 Topics: What is Patient Safety; Applying human factors; Systems and effects of complexity; Being an effective team player; Learning from error; Understanding and managing clinical risk; Using quality improvement tools; Engaging with patients and carers; Infection prevention and control; Invasive procedures; Improving medication safety.

Free course for self paced study. Earn a certificate. Explore the concepts of Medical Professionalism and how they might be applied in various settings. Topics include: Definitions; Altruism and commitment to patients' interest; Self-regulation and maintenance of competence; Civic engagement; Relevance to today/tomorrow.

Explore how reflection can help you in your practice as a healthcare professional. Self-paced course with exercises