Free course for self-paced study. Earn a certificate. A basic introduction to key aspects of the discipline of public health: Definitions; Epidemiology; Health systems; Evidence base for Public Health; Health Inequalities; Health  Promotion; Workforce needs.

Free course for self paced study. Earn a certificate. The course builds on the course Public Health - the basics to provide examples of the practice of Public Health in understanding the burden, causes and interventions to control diseases, and how to evaluate Public Health interventions. The first section identifies the burden of illness, causes and the evidence base and policy options for interventions to reduce the population burden of illness. Crucial in the development of effective interventions is their evaluation - hence the second part of this course.

The course covers the main issues of environmental health - a branch of public health that examines the interaction of the environment with human health and disease. The environment affects human health in several ways. The interaction between human health and the environment have been proven to significantly impact human health through direct exposure to harmful agents, or indirectly, by disrupting life-sustaining ecosystems. Enrol yourself any time. Earn a certificate.

Free course for self paced study. Earn a certificate. Aims to inform about the dangers of climate change to Public Health and spur us to action: Climate change and human health; Climate change in the context of environmental sustainability; Climate change, policy and politics; What can we do?

Free course for self paced study. Earn a certificate. The purpose of this course is to focus on Low- to Middle-Income Countries, in order to consider how informatics can be used to help tackle some of the health problems facing populations.

Free course for self paced study. Earn a certificate. The course emphasises the importance of a population approach to prevention and covers: Social determinants of health; Health Promotion; Policy implications of prevention.

Structured access to online resources to help learning to help with Public Health practice. Developed by the Health Education Wessex in collaboration with the University of Southampton Faculty of Medicine. Contains links to more than 150 web sites and resources.